Laksmi App Update # 2

Hello Laksmi Family, as you know we are working on Laksmi App which we are planning to launch this month itself. Soon we will be sharing the first look and test version of the App. Followed by IDO and listing.

We have reviewed and reworked our plans and now we are working on a Crypto Super App for Gen Z that would offer multiple crypto services within the single App. Empower a user to Earn, Invest, Trade and Use crypto within Laksmi App.

Problem with crypto is that all big tech marketing platforms have blocked crypto so marketing of crypto projects and services is difficult and expensive. Low frequency or niche crypto usecases thus don’t make sustainable business. But, when multiple low frequency usecases are combined it creates a compelling value for the user and for the ecosystem.

Laksmi aims to solve this problem by building a massive crypto community with offering with inherent huge organic demand like airdrops and crypto gigs. A user can earn crypto daily in the form of Laksmi Tokens and tokens from partner projects.

And gradually add services which are driven as much by push as by organic demand. Services like P2P crypto trade, launchpad, Play to Earn Crypto Games, Loans, Donate, Remit etc.

More on the Laksmi app and its launch countdown soon.Keep the faith. For more details visit Lakmsi.Live




Simplest and the most reliable way to earn crypto daily

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Laksmi - Earn Crypto Daily

Laksmi - Earn Crypto Daily

Simplest and the most reliable way to earn crypto daily

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