Laksmi — Update #1

18th Aug 21

Hello Laksmi family, we are happy to update you regarding the project progress and our plans for next month.


  1. Laksmi Token pre-sale LKSP is complete

2. Laksmi Airdrop distribution is complete

3. Laksmi Token — LKSM BSC contract is deployed

4. Work on Laksmi App started

Plan for Sept- Oct ‘21

  1. Launch Laksmi App
  2. Onboard advisors who align with vision of Laksmi and can help in our journey
  3. Announce IDO only after App launch and onboarding advisors
  4. List on DEX within 2 days of IDO

Keep supporting us, keep showering your love. We are committed to make Laksmi top 100 crypto project in the next 2 years. And we will make it together.

If you have any suggestion or can help us in our mission in anyway . Feel free to email us at




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Laksmi - Earn Crypto Daily

Laksmi - Earn Crypto Daily

Simplest and the most reliable way to earn crypto daily

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