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2 min readAug 2, 2021

Laksmi Platform plans to take crypto and DeFi to the masses. At Laksmi we believe that any kind of financial decentralisation can only be achieved if we can make fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat conversion super easy. Without seamless crypto-fiat conversion financial decentralisation is nothing but a piped dream.

Laksmi is Neighbourhood Exchange driven by Human Crypto ATMs (HCA) in the physical world. A user can just walk in a Human Crypto ATM’s store and transact crypto over the counter. Opening the doors of crypto world to billions of people who don’t have bank account, KYC, are lesser educated or people who want to transact in cash. Thus, widening the reach of crypto to people hitherto untouched.

Laksmi Human Crypto ATMs thus makes cash crypto transactions more efficient, reliable and secure. Through an offline off-chain settlement process which is trustless. A need largely ignored by all the big centralised exchanges and product companies in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Discounting the fact that 80% of fiat-crypto transactions are largely in cash.

Apart from seamless offline cash transactions through HCAs, Laksmi also disrupts the online P2P crypto exchanges with its hybrid approach ground breaking user experience. Hybrid approach where the convenience and user experience is that of a CEX and applicable regulatory framework is that of the P2P exchange.

There is just one price on the Laksmi P2P exchange for Bitcoin and other crypto thus removing all the confusion associated with P2P exchanges. It is designed like CEX where users see the order book for chosen payment mode rather than advertisements by other traders on the platform. This allows them to buy or sell with confidence without bothering about the profile of the trader. Any fraudulent transaction is owned by the platform and user is fully compensated.

Platform fees is lowest and which can be further reduced to zero by staking Laksmi Tokens. Platform thus keeps user at the core and endeavours to make the experience simple and convenient.‌

Users can also stake Laksmi Tokens and other crypto and earn interest. Users can use Laksmi platform to remit cross border payments and donate in the form of crypto for the causes they feel strongly about.

We at Laksmi see blockchain from the eyes of a common men and women who are looking for access and solutions that can solve for their present day problems. And thus Laksmi has a very disruptive approach to crypto.