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3 min readJul 6, 2021

Contract Address — 0x323E2a8DD95ED1994680fdDA9d1b4E8D540bDaBe

Hello everyone, thanks for your interest and support to Laksmi Token. We are so lucky to have such a vibrant community to back us.

Laksmi Exchange is the next generation P2P Crypto Exchange powered by Human Crypto ATM Network. Empowering billions of people around the world to buy and sell crypto easily and securely. Allowing a user to simply visit a nearby partner crypto agent’s store and buy- sell crypto over the counter. Laksmi platform enables masses to earn interest by staking Laksmi Tokens and other crypto, remit money and donate to partner causes and social organisations.

Laksmi Token are life blood of the platform are used to reduce trading fees on the platform, to avail credit to trade crypto and to earn interest on crypto investment. Learn more about Laksmi Platform and Laksmi Tokens here

Easiest way to buy crypto in offline world

Easiest Way to buy Crypto — Laksmi

Laksmi Token $LKSM Pre Sale

Welcome to Laksmi Token $LKSM Pre Sale

Contract Address — 0x323E2a8DD95ED1994680fdDA9d1b4E8D540bDaBe

Pre Sale offered price is $0.03 or 33.3 Laksmi Tokens for 1 USD. The price for IDO is $0.15 that is 5X of Pre Sale price. And Exchange listing price is $0.45 that is 3X of IDO price and 15x of pre sale price. IDO and exchange listing are scheduled for July end 2021.

Laksmi Tokens sold in Pre Sale will be locked for a period of 1 year with quarterly vesting. That is 25% of the tokens will be unlocked every quarter and transferred to your address as per the below vesting schedule.

In Pre Sale, Laksmi Pre Sale tokens $LKPS on BSC will be transferred to your BSC wallet addresses and not actual Laksmi Tokens $LKSM. And According to the vesting schedule your actual $LKSM tokens will be unlocked and sent to your addresses in due course. $LKPS tokens will not be listed and openly traded ever. $LKPS Tokens only serve one purpose and that is purchase of Laksmi Token in the presale and distribution of Laksmi Tokens bought in Pre Sale as per vesting schedule.

Laksmi Token Pre Sale Vesting Schedule

Unlock 1 -25% 1st Oct 2021
Unlock 2 -25% 1st Jan 2022
Unlock 3 -25% Ist Apr 2022
Unlock 4 -25% 1st Jul 2022

Laksmi Token Pre Sale

Start Date -7th July 9:00 AM UTC — End Date 13th July 8:59 AM UTC
✅ Pre Sale Target — $450,000 or 15 M Laksmi Token
✅ Minimum Investment $100
Presale: BSC Contract Address 0x323E2a8DD95ED1994680fdDA9d1b4E8D540bDaBe
✅ Accepted Cryptocurrencies BNB
✅ Follow Laksmi Exchange Twitter handle —
✅ Join Telegram Group —

✅ Send accepted cryptocurrencies from your BSC wallet address.
✅ Receive $LKPS tokens in your BSC wallet.
✅ Hold the $LKPS tokens and your actual Laksmi tokens $LKSM will be credited to your same BSC wallet address as per vesting schedule.

🎉 🎉 🎉 Rewards and Bonus 🎉 🎉 🎉

🔥 Lucky Draw — One lucky investor will get 100% bonus, 4 investors will get 50% bonus and ten investors will get 20% bonus i.e for investment of e.g if a lucky winner get 100% bonus then for a $2000 investment winner will get Laksmi Token worth $4000.

💥 Winners will be announced as the Pre Sale concludes. Fill the form after your investment to participate in the Lucky draw

If you have any queries feel free to ask us in our Telegram Group.

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