Laksmi Token Video Contest

  1. Create Video around Laksmi P2P Crypto Exchange and Laksmi Platform using Laksmi Logos in the video.Check Laksmi Website and Whitepaper to understand more about Laksmi. Check Laksmi Media Links below. Logo -
  2. Upload the Video on Youtube
  3. Share the Youtube Video link on Laksmi Telegram Group
  4. Share the Youtube Video Link on Twitter, tag Laksmi Twitter handle @LaksmiEx and use hashtag #LaksmiToken #LaksmiVideoContest
  1. Join Laksmi Telegram Group
  2. Follow Laksmi Twitter Handle
  3. You can create as many videos as you want
  4. Top videos will be selected by Laksmi team based on concept, design and engagement on twitter and telegram group. Decision of Laksmi team will be final
  5. Winners will be announced within 24 hrs of the contest end date and BSC address of the winners will be taken
  6. Tokens would be distributed to winners after Laksmi Token IDO and exchange listing
  7. Content so created can be used by Laksmi team for promotion and communication purposes



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Laksmi - Earn Crypto Daily

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