Polygon backs Laksmi

Laksmi which is Crypto Gig Economy Platform that empowers users to earn crypto through Airdrops, NFT Giveaways and gigs. On the other hand Laksmi help blockchain and crypto projects in promotions and connect the projects with users.

Laksmi Tokens are built on BSC and Polygon chains. Laksmi has been lucky to get attention and support of Polygon. Polygon has backed its belief in the Laksmi project and team with a generous grant.

Laksmi plans to work closely with the Polygon ecosystem and help Polygon projects in their marketing plans. Help them build social communities more efficiently and get users to achieve specific project goals. Apart from the grant Polygon is also supporting Laksmi in technology, and has also assured co -marketing Laksmi when we launch. And last but not the least support Laksmi in its fund raise.

As we are looking to launch the app soon. Support from Polygon which is one of the most successful Ethereum scaling solution is a big boost for Laksmi. Looking forward to see this relationship blossom into a successful strategic move for both the projects in the near future.




Simplest and the most reliable way to earn crypto daily

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Laksmi - Earn Crypto Daily

Laksmi - Earn Crypto Daily

Simplest and the most reliable way to earn crypto daily

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