Pre-Sale Launching Soon

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2 min readJun 27, 2021

Hello everyone, thanks for the amazing support and all the love. We are now moving towards token sales and token listing phase of Laksmi. Starting with Pre- sale which will be launched in the coming week.

In past 3–4 weeks we got lot of positive feedback from the community, potential private and institutional investors from around the world. We also got some criticism and useful suggestions which we are evaluating positively. We would try to incorporate as much community feedback and suggestions as we can. Please do keep your suggestions coming. We totally love it.

We are launching Pre- Sale of Laksmi tokens in the coming week. To keep the things fair and transparent for private investors our price for pre-sale is same for private and institutional investors. Details of the same will be announced soon. We love our community more than corporations and institutions. We believe that we can achieve much more with the support of community than we can with the support of institutions.

Fully committed and looking forward to disrupt the P2P crypto trading vertical forever with the love and support of our beautiful community. Stay tuned!

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